Important Considerations When Purchasing Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels have become an essential part of modern households today. These sound-absorbing panels are popular, and for good reason. The acoustic wall panels are not only stylish but also offer many practical benefits. They are durable, easy to maintain, and simple to install. Below, you will find considerations to keep in mind before purchasing these sound-insulating panels.

What are Acoustic Panels?

Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing panels specially designed to improve the acoustics of a space. They achieve this by absorbing sound waves, reducing echoes and noise. Additionally, acoustic panels are visually appealing. These wall panels are made from sustainably sourced wood, are easy to install, and require minimal maintenance.

Different Types of Acoustic Panels

At Aku Woodpanel, we offer a wide range of acoustic panels. Each type and design has its own characteristics and advantages. From classic oak panels to modern and colorful wall panels with a herringbone pattern, our extensive assortment ensures there's always a sound-absorbing wall panel that complements your interior.

Various Sustainable Materials

Our acoustic panels are crafted from environmentally friendly materials, sustainable wood veneer, and recycled felt. The choice is yours – whether you opt for classic oak wall panels, stylish mocha panels, warm walnut panels, or special acoustic panels with playful patterns. These panels can be combined with various interior styles.

Aesthetic and Adaptable

Acoustic panels are not only practical but, above all, aesthetically appealing. These sound-absorbing panels exude a luxurious look, providing that extra touch to any interior. Easily transform your space by placing a few acoustic wall panels behind the television, creating a home theater. Adding more panels near your dining table or kitchen island can evoke the ambiance of a luxurious restaurant. The possibilities are endless.

Easy to Install and Maintain

When choosing sound-absorbing wall panels, you don't want to spend too much time on installation. Acoustic panels are quick and easy to install, regardless of the type you choose. The time and effort required mainly depend on the location where you mount the acoustic panels. Opt for screw installation or use our convenient high tack mounting kit. Maintenance and cleaning are minimal, as acoustic panels are easy to care for. Regularly wipe the sound-insulating panels with a slightly damp cloth to keep them looking new.

Acoustic Wall Panels

The most significant advantage of acoustic panels is their sound-absorbing effect. Whether dealing with an echo in your home, hearing your neighbor's TV in your living room, or aiming for undisturbed work in your home office, acoustic panels offer the perfect solution. The wooden wall covering absorbs sound from both inside and outside, reducing noise disturbance in your home. This allows you to work undisturbed or enjoy the silence and tranquility.

Placement and Spatial Influence

The placement of acoustic wall panels influences their sound-absorbing effectiveness in the room. The closer you position the panels to the sound source, the better they work. Installing a single sound-insulating wall panel will have a different effect than mounting several acoustic panels side by side. Opt for two or more sound-absorbing panels in the corner of the room or place them on the ceiling. This not only affects acoustics but also influences your interior and the space. Therefore, carefully consider where you want to place the panels.

Combining with Other Acoustic Solutions

You can also combine our acoustic wall panels with other acoustic solutions. For example, mount our panels behind your television and place a sound-absorbing rug in front of your TV stand. Paintings, curtains, and other forms of window decoration also have sound-absorbing properties and can be perfectly combined with sound-insulating panels.

What to Consider When Purchasing Acoustic Panels?

When purchasing acoustic panels, there are several aspects to consider, aside from color, design, and the quantity of panels. It is important to look at your budget and the price-quality ratio, warranty and service, as well as the experiences and reviews of other buyers.


Your budget and the costs of acoustic panels are perhaps the most crucial aspects to consider. Aku Woodpanel offers high-quality sound-absorbing wall panels at an affordable price, partly due to low transportation costs. Only Aku Woodpanel sells acoustic panels with 3-sided wood veneer.


Good service is indispensable. Besides quality, at Aku Woodpanel, we find excellent customer service crucial. We are flexible and solution-oriented, ensuring quick responses to your inquiries, providing fast and transparent delivery times, and ensuring you quickly enjoy your new acoustic wall panels.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are acoustic panels suitable for every space?

Acoustic panels are suitable for almost every space. However, these wooden wall panels are not suitable for damp environments. Therefore, avoid placing acoustic panels outdoors, in the bathroom, or in a humid garage.

How do acoustic panels affect room acoustics?

An acoustic wall panel absorbs sound, preventing it from reflecting. The panel consists of three layers: felt, a fiberboard, and MDF slats with a melamine surface. The felt dampens and absorbs sound, while the fiberboard breaks down sound waves.

Are acoustic panels easy to install by oneself?

The installation of acoustic panels is straightforward. Choose to apply the sound-absorbing panels using our high tack mounting kit or mount them on the wall with screws. If you ever encounter difficulties, we are always available to assist you.