Wooden wall panels for the living room

Wooden wall panels for the livingroom

You may be familiar with this: a noisy living room. You hear neighbours going up and down the stairs, and the sound of the television bounces off the walls. The voices of your guests echo through the room, or the loud barking of a dog outside disturbs you during your morning routine. A living room with poor acoustics can be irritating, but what can you do about it?

Acoustic Wooden Wall Panels in Your Living Room

Poor acoustics can make you feel less at home in your own house. With wooden wall panels in your living room, that problem is a thing of the past. The acoustic wooden wall panels for your living room dampen sound, allowing you to get the most out of your favourite space.

Thanks to our wide range, there is always a wooden wall panel that suits your living room. Opt for an oak wall panel behind your dining table or place a walnut or mocha-coloured panel behind your television.

Wall Panels in the Living Room: A Stylish and Smart Choice

Example 1: Sleek Wooden Back Wall in the Living Room

Create a peaceful and atmospheric living room by installing a sleek wooden back wall. The wooden acoustic panels are stylish, suit any interior, and improve the acoustics in your living room. Complete the look by installing recessed spotlights, as shown in the image below.

Sleek wooden back wall in the living room with spotlights and TV

Example 2: A Dark Wall Finish in the Living Room

Are you a fan of the wooden back wall in your living room but prefer a darker wall finish? That's possible! In addition to the light oak version, we also offer atmospheric (dark) walnut or mocha-coloured panels.

Hanging TV with wooden wall panels that curve around the corner

Example 3: White Wall with a Few Wooden Panels

Of course, you can also choose to cover part of the wall with wooden acoustic panels. The contrast between the wooden wall and the white wall creates a playful and atmospheric effect. Furthermore, even with just a few wooden panels, you can already benefit from improved acoustics and insulation in the room.

Open space with only two wooden panels

Why Install Wooden Wall Panels in the Living Room?

Creates a Warm Atmosphere

Wooden wall panels are not only practical; they also provide a warm atmosphere in your living room. Without having to overhaul your entire room, you can enjoy a cosy and pleasant living room that exudes tranquillity.


The wooden wall panels not only create a warm atmosphere, but they also insulate. Thanks to the wooden wall cladding, the warm atmosphere lingers in your living room, and you can set aside your fleece blanket.

Luxurious Appearance

In addition to a warm atmosphere, wooden wall cladding also gives your living room a luxurious look. The wooden wall panels are perfect for a minimalist interior, but they also add that little extra touch to your living room.

Creates Extra Space

Do you want to create extra space in your living room? Wooden wall panels can also be helpful for that. The stylish wooden wall cladding can be used as a partition wall, allowing you to isolate yourself while giving your living room a beautiful upgrade.

Creates a Depth Effect

Does your living room appear small due to all the accessories and furniture? With wooden wall cladding, you can easily create a depth effect. This not only makes your living room appear larger, but it also exudes more tranquillity and luxury. A win-win situation.

Improves Acoustics

Above all, wooden wall cladding has a positive effect on the acoustics in the living room. The wooden back wall has a sound-dampening effect, improving the acoustics in your living room. This way, the television can be turned down a notch, and you can understand your visitors again.

We Are Here for You

Have you become a fan of our wooden wall panels for your living room, but need some help choosing? Are you in the process of installing our wall panels behind your dining table, but not quite getting there? The Aku Woodpanel team is here for you. Customer service is our top priority.

We are available every Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm for all your questions about our wooden wall panels.


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