Wooden Wall Panel | Rainy Night | Premium 3-sided Wood Veneer

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Size: 240 cm x 60 cm


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Unique 3-Sided Wood Veneer

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Sustainable Materials

Sustainable, durable materials and recycled felt.


85% Sound Absorbing

Officially tested, acoustics improved.

Acoustic wooden wall panel rainy night for your home or office

Three-sided wood veneer - Made from premium quality materials for long-lasting aesthetics.

Made from ECO-friendly materials and recycled felt.

85% sound absorption for better acoustics in your home or office.

Combine comfort and class with Aku woodpanel's acoustic wooden wall panel rainy night to create a serene and stylish environment in any room. The panels fit every living room, bedroom, hallway or corridor, kitchen, office or company outlet. They are straightforward to install and are ecologically sound without compromising quality thanks to the three-sided wood veneer.

Optimal acoustics with a wooden wall panel

Struggling with echoes in your home? Our acoustic wooden wall panels and acoustics slat walls provide a stylish solution to improve your space's sound quality. Whether you need a 240cm x 60cm panel for a standard room or our 300cm x 60cm XL panels for high ceilings, we have options that blend seamlessly into any interior design, enhancing both acoustics and aesthetics.

Simple DIY installation

Setting up your Aku slat wall panels couldn't be easier. Ideal for indoor use, these panels are perfect behind sofas, around dining areas or behind your television to minimize reverberation. Need guidance or professional installation? Our experts are just a call away and ready to assist you in optimizing your home's acoustics.

Sustainability at the forefront

Every Aku wooden wall panel is crafted from 100% certified sustainable sources. Our commitment extends beyond the materials to include advanced manufacturing processes that preserve the environment, highlighted by our exclusive three-sided wood veneer and recycled components.

Explore our slat wall panel dimensions

Our wooden slat wall panel rainy night are offered in sizes 240cm x 60cm suited for every room, including our large 300cm x 60cm panels designed specifically for high ceilings. Each panel consists of elegantly spaced slats, ensuring not only aesthetic harmony but also ease of assembly.

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Enhance your home’s acoustics and aesthetics with Aku Woodpanel. Order now and make sure to select our specialized mounting kit designed for quick and easy DIY installation.

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