Acoustic panels for the office

Whether you have an office outside your home or work mostly from home, your office or workspace should exude a certain calm and offer minimal distractions. No clutter, no busy wall coverings, and minimal external stimuli. But how do you create an optimal working environment?

Set up your office with wooden wall panels

To work undisturbed in a peaceful and stylish environment, our wooden acoustic panels are the perfect solution. But how do the wooden wall panels ensure that you get the most out of your workday and your office? The sound-absorbing wall panels have several benefits.

Sound-dampening effect

Bothered by noisy neighbors, playing children, chatty colleagues, or a loud printer next to your door? Whether you work at home or elsewhere, wooden sound-absorbing wall panels make that problem a thing of the past. The wooden wall panels have a sound-dampening effect, allowing you to enjoy optimal acoustics. This way, you can enter your meetings undisturbed, fully concentrate on challenging tasks, or quietly read through your files.

Insulating properties

The wooden wall panels not only absorb sound, they also have insulating properties. The acoustic panels for your office retain heat, making your office a pleasant place to work. This way, you can lower your heating settings.

A stylish office

Besides being insulating and sound-dampening, the wooden wall panels are also stylish. The wooden acoustic panels look chic and create a calm and tidy appearance for your office. This way, you can start your workday with a clear head and make your office a place where you can retreat in peace.

Easy and versatile mounting

Above all, the wooden acoustic panels for your office are easy to install yourself. Whether you want to place them on your ceiling or behind your desk, the installation is simple. All you need is a bare wall free of impurities, and you can screw or glue the acoustic wall right on.

The perfect wooden wall panels for your office

With wooden wall panels, you can work undisturbed in a beautiful, stylish environment. And thanks to our wide range of options, there's always a wooden wall panel that suits your office space. Choose an anthracite or oak wall panel behind your desk or place a walnut or mocha-colored panel next to your window.

Examples of workspaces with wooden acoustic panels

Example 1: Acoustic wooden back wall in your office

An acoustic back wall in your office is a stylish solution to reduce echo. In the image below, you see the choice for a light strip between the cover plate and the acoustic panels. This gives your office that little extra touch.

Akoestische panelen kantoor

Example 2: A pleasant entrance

By placing wooden acoustic panels in the reception area, you not only ensure optimal acoustics but also give customers a warm and stylish welcome. The wooden acoustic panels are functional, atmospheric, and suitable for any interior.

Houten panelen receptie

Wall panels for the office from Aku Woodpanel: A sustainable choice

In addition to being stylish, sound-dampening, and insulating, the wooden wall panels from Aku Woodpanel are also the perfect eco-friendly addition to your office interior. The wooden acoustic walls are made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials. The materials for the wooden wall panels are sourced and produced from sustainable resources, making them a completely eco-friendly product.


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