Three special wall panels: raining night, dreams & forest

Three Special Wall Panels: Raining Night, Dreams & Forest

You're seeing them in more and more households: functional wooden slat walls. These sound-absorbing panels offer various acoustic benefits. But did you know they are also incredibly stylish? We've compiled the three most beautiful models for you. These three acoustic panels are not just functional; they're also a visual delight.

Wooden wall panel Raining Night

Do you want a mysterious and cozy wall panel that truly stands out? Our special acoustic wall panel Raining Night is a work of art in itself. This unique panel stands out thanks to its beautiful texture and deep, dark color.

Cozy bedroom

Are you in need of better sleep? Create a cozy, dark, and quiet bedroom with this exceptional panel behind your bed. Install a couple of nice bedside lamps on the panels, and your night will be perfect.

Beautiful home theater

Transform your living room into a beautiful home theater by placing the stylish panels behind your television. This will give you the ultimate cinematic experience. All that's missing is a delicious bowl of popcorn or a tasty bag of chips.

Impressive office space

Do you want to make an impression with your office space? Then, place the Raining Night panels behind your desk. Rest assured, with these panels, you'll be taken seriously, and your workday will be much more productive.

Wooden wall panel Dreams

With the unique acoustic wooden wall panel Dreams, all your interior dreams come true. This light panel has a distinctive and extraordinary texture. Do you want a real eye-catcher in your home? Then, this wall panel is for you.

Soothing bedroom

Place the dreamy panel in your bedroom, for instance, behind or next to your bed. The panels have a stylish and calming effect. Plus, thanks to their sound-absorbing properties, you'll sleep even better!

Stylish entrance

Do you want a unique entrance that immediately gives your guests a warm and welcoming feeling? Then, mount these Dreams panels in your hallway. Want a more playful effect? Try positioning the wall panels horizontally.

Playful living room

Create a playful corner in your living room by placing one or two panels and hanging a mirror in front of them, for example. Want to know what else you can do with one or two panels? Find more inspiration in this blog.

Wooden wall panel Forest

Our fantastic acoustic panel Forest makes you feel like you're in nature for a while. The panel features a unique and beautiful herringbone pattern, making it a visual delight. With this beautiful wall panel, you'll undoubtedly find peace.

Unique reading nook

For instance, place the acoustic panel Forest in that unused corner of your living room and turn it into a cozy reading nook where you can relax. Add a reading lamp, a comfy chair to sink into, and a table for a delightful cup of tea. What more could one want?

Stylish kitchen

Create a stylish, rustic kitchen by placing the beautiful and calming wall panels behind your dining table. You'll bet the food tastes even better with such a magnificent view.

Comfortable home office

Do you want a workspace where you can peacefully focus on your tasks? With these beautiful acoustic wall panels, you won't be disturbed by outside noises. Your workday will fly by!

Seek advice?

Have you fallen in love with these special acoustic panels but have questions about how to install or order your favorite panel? The Aku Woodpanel team is here to assist you! We're available every Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM to answer all your questions about our special wall panels.

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