Horizontal or vertical: How should you position your wooden wall panels?

Black oak vertical wall panels

When it comes to interior design, your decisions shape the ambiance and utility of space. One major decision is the direction of your wooden wall panels. Do you install them horizontally, vertically, or a combination of the two? Whatever decision you make, remember that it can greatly affect the aesthetics of your space. Aku Woodpanel helps you with that at every step of the way.

Stability and tranquility with horizontal panels

Do you want to have a sense of security and peace of mind? It’s a balanced appearance to have your wall panels installed horizontally. Areas that feel nice and relaxing are best suited with horizontal wooden slats: picture them in your living room, bedroom, or dining room. Is your business trying to achieve a more serene corporate environment? Our panels are ideal in lunch areas, on a ward, or in your practice’s waiting room. Horizontal lines are the opposite; they help connect you with the earth and leave a soothing feeling.

Dynamic and height-enhancing vertical panels

Vertical wooden wall panels give space a dynamic appearance and add to the sense of height. Walls will look longer with vertical panels, thus making it feel more spacious. These would be great in a corridor, or any room with an impressive ceiling height, as it creates a sense of play and movement. They are perfect when you want the place where you live and work to look better.

Diverse combinations of wooden wall panels

Wooden wall panels are incredibly versatile. This means that you can be creative with the spot they might be located. A perfect balance, when horizontal combines with vertical! Test out different patterns and layouts to make sure that you have the unique design that looks best with your interior, as well as your personal taste.

Practical considerations when choosing your panels

Premium wood wall panels need to be carefully considered where they will be placed. Also important are the other practical considerations — such as what to do with the space in which they will be installed (the efficiency and utility of the space, that is). Think about how you would like the panels to illuminate and impact the space, and your theme as a whole.

Get inspired by other projects

Draw inspiration from what others have done with their creative interior projects, all featuring horizontal and vertical wooden wall panels. You can use these inspirational projects to help inform, whether you decide to install any panels on your own.

Endless possibilities with wooden wall panels

Horizontal or vertical wooden wall panels have a lot to offer! Make sure that what you choose is in line with your expectations, as well as the practical and functional aspects of your space. Horizontal panels give a calm and stable look, while vertical panels stimulate movement of the eye up across height. A mix of both also is a great opportunity to lift up the appearance of your home. If you have any questions on making an application or integrating wooden wall panels, we will be glad to answer your questions and help you achieve this vision.

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