Acoustic panels

Acoustic wall panels

Say goodbye to poor acoustics

Do you sometimes have trouble understanding your guests, or do you have to turn up the TV volume? A common cause is a room with echo. It can drive you crazy. Echoes and reverberations are often the result of bare walls and floors, which cause sound to bounce. Want to know what you can do about this without compromising your interior? Read on for the solution.

Improve acoustics with Akupanels

Poor acoustics in a room can make you feel less comfortable. Decorating your room often solves the problem. Don't want to fill your room with various paintings or replace your beautiful wooden floor with carpeting? Then Akupanels are the solution. With these acoustic wall panels, you'll quickly enjoy serene tranquility in your living room, soothing calmness in your bedroom, or uninterrupted work in your office.

So, if you want to lower the noise level, our wooden acoustic panels are the perfect solution.

Acoustic wooden wall panel decoration

Wooden acoustic panels

A wooden acoustic wall panel not only improves the noise level in a room but also adds style. We have a wide range of options, ensuring there's always a wall panel that suits your interior. Consider a beautiful black wall panel next to the dining table, a classic oak cladding behind your bed, or a walnut sound-absorbing panel on the ceiling.

Wooden acoustic panels are a stylish and modern solution for reducing noise and lowering the sound level. When purchasing wall panels, it's useful to know how many you need. This depends on how much echo there is in your home. On average, you'll cover 25% to 33% of the surface with acoustic panels. Note that you should add up the surfaces of walls, ceiling, and floor.

Why choose acoustic panels

Poor acoustics can ruin a room, but you don't always want to fill the space with wall decorations, accessories, or carpets. The advantage of an acoustic wall panel is that it not only dampens sound but is also stylish, takes up little space, and is made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials.

Don't want to hide your beautiful wallpaper behind a sound-dampening wall panel? No worries. Akupanels can also be used on your ceiling. This way, you can still enjoy your stunning wallpaper while reducing noise in your room. With our sustainable acoustic wall cladding, you don't have to change your minimalist interior and still add that extra modern touch. They're also easy to install yourself, making it a perfect DIY project.

Where can you use acoustic panels?

Whether you want to place sound-absorbing wall cladding in the living room, reduce noise at the office, or create a quieter bedroom, it's best to place the acoustic panels as close to the source of disturbance as possible. The closer, the better the sound is absorbed. You can mount acoustic panels on both walls and ceilings in any imaginable space.

No more noise in the attic or shed, finally a quiet kitchen, and enjoy a bathroom that doesn't echo. Acoustic panels can be used in any space where sound reflection causes disturbance.

Black oak wooden wall panels

Other tips to improve acoustics

Besides acoustic wall panels, there are other options to improve acoustics at home. For example, if you have many windows, beautiful curtains can prevent a significant part of sound reflection. The same applies to large bare floors. You don't have to replace your sleek floor with carpeting, as a strategically placed rug can solve the problem. They're not only cozy and atmospheric but also dampen sound in the room.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about Aku Woodpanel's acoustic wall panels or need advice, we are more than happy to help. You can reach us by phone at +44 (0)20 8059 2511 or by sending an email to You can also leave your details via the contact form on our website, and we will get back to you shortly.

Our range of acoustic wall panels

Our acoustic panels are available in various wood colors. For a warm, natural look, our panels in walnut, mocha, or natural oak are the ideal choice. If you prefer a more modern style, Akupanels in gray or anthracite are perfect for you. Additionally, we offer black panels that give your interior a chic look and feel. Whichever choice you make, an acoustic wooden wall panel provides your home with optimal sound damping and an extra touch of atmosphere.

Browse our range below and order the acoustic wall cladding that matches your interior. Still a bit unsure about the color? Order a sample of one or more of our products first.


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